gauley bridge中文意思是什麼

gauley bridge解釋

  • gauley: 戈萊
  • bridge: n 1 橋,橋梁;【造船】艦橋,船橋。2 鼻樑;(假牙上的)齒橋;【音樂】弦柱,弦馬;【電學】電橋;【...

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  1. The following night they passed through the strait of bab - el - mandeb, which means in arabic the bridge of tears, and the next day they put in at steamer point, north - west of aden harbour, to take in coal

    這個名字,阿拉伯文的意思是「流淚之門」 。第二天是14號,蒙古號停泊在亞丁灣西北的汽船岬,因為要在那裡加煤。
  2. Across the bridge of her nose ran an adorable little line of freckles.

  3. A new numerical procedure for analyzing the coupled vibration of a framed arch bridge with a single moving vehicle is presented to solve the equations of motion of a bridge with many degrees of freedom. the procedure consists in dividing the bridge - vehicle systems, which are solved separately, into 2 subsystems at the interface of the bridge and vehicle. the compatibility at the interface is obtained by an iterative procedure with aitken acceleration

  4. Research on antiskid materials for walk bridge

  5. Design of inclined cable for aqueduct cable stayed bridge