gaussian channel中文意思是什麼

gaussian channel解釋

  • gaussian: adj. 高斯的。
  • channel: n 1 水路,水道,渠,溝;海峽;河床,河底。2 (柱等的)槽,凹縫;【機械工程】槽鐵,凹形鐵。3 〈比...

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  1. The main program is designed by matlab language, others by c language. the simulation experiments are made in the gaussian and rayleigh channel

    使用matlab語言編制主程序, c語言編寫了部分子程序,採用高斯通道和瑞利通道對衛星通信系統進行了模擬實驗。
  2. Many of communication systems take the convolutional code and viterbi algorithm as the channel coding scheme. the viterbi algorithm decoding is a kind of maximum likelihood decoding, and its performance is good over additive white gaussian noise ( awgn ) channel, but when burst errors occur, the decoding performance may be greatly degraded

  3. Current analyses of the watermarking channel are typically limited to the additive white gaussian noise ( awgn ) channel

  4. Considering the payload when transmitted in gaussian channel according to information theory, the system builds up a mapping relationship between image space and watermarking space, and achieves the trade - off between theoretic capacity, robustness and perceptual distortion

  5. We apply generalized gaussian distributions to statistically model the dct coefficients of different natural images. as a result of our work, fast estimating expression for channel model parameters are derived