gemini consulting中文意思是什麼

gemini consulting解釋

  • gemini: n. 〈作單數用 sing. 〉【天文學】雙子座;雙子宮〈黃道第三宮〉。
  • consulting: adj. 咨詢的,顧問的。 a consulting engineer 顧問工程師。 a consulting physician 會診醫生。

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  1. A software development and consulting firm located in los altos, ca

  2. He co - owns arpeggio consulting with his wife, sarah

    他的成功離不開他的妻子sarah 。
  3. Principal architect, biologic software consulting

  4. Cross - boarder investment consulting

  5. Our company engage have speciality senior technological elite, can dissolve enter product design company exclusivelyowned technology and international latest teechnology, can go on according to customer nonstandard deesign of product that adapt to is and can be the customer s special request, carny on the profound technical consulting service