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  • general: adj (opp special)1 一般的,綜合的,通用的。2 普通的,廣泛的,通常的。3 全體的,總的;全面的,普...
  • clearing: n 1 清除,掃除,除去;清潔,純化。2 表白,雪冤,昭雪。3 【林業】集材;(森林中的)開闢地,開墾地...
  • member: n 1 (團體的)一分子,成員;會員;社員;議員;委員。2 政黨支部。3 手足,肢體;身體各部,(人及動...

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  1. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, any serving committee member who was the parent or the legal guardian of a primary six student then enrolled in the school at the time he was elected, his membership shall coterminous with his term of office of committee membership which shall be extended to the closing of the next annual general meeting

  2. Came to held the post of member of leading party group of state consul, the state council in march 2003 1998, secretary of leading party group of secretary - general of the state council, office, central state office is versed in appoint secretary, national administration prexy

  3. " jiali " is the member of material resource market of sinopec and cnpc, general syndic of china petroleum equipment industrial association, the recommending manufacturer of pla, china aviation oil corporation, china shipping oil and national petroleum storage base, top ten of china petrochemical equipment manufacture industry, has great reputation and influence in our industry

  4. Futures general clearing dealer

  5. General clearing member