general foreman中文意思是什麼

general foreman解釋

  • general: adj (opp special)1 一般的,綜合的,通用的。2 普通的,廣泛的,通常的。3 全體的,總的;全面的,普...
  • foreman: n. 1. (pl. -men)首席陪審員。2. 工頭,監工,領班。

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  1. Yes, to meet the general, ' replied the abbot. '

  2. Her shoes, stockings, hats and accessories in general were innumerable.

  3. The girls did not so much seem accessory wheels to the general machinery as mere cogs to the wheels.

  4. This indulgence was in accordance with the general policy of the redmen.

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