general implementation plan中文意思是什麼

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  • general: adj (opp special)1 一般的,綜合的,通用的。2 普通的,廣泛的,通常的。3 全體的,總的;全面的,普...
  • implementation: n. 執行,履行;貫徹,落實。
  • plan: n 1 計劃,設計,方案,規劃;方法;進程表;時間表。2 圖,圖面;平面圖,設計圖;示意圖;圖表;(街...

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  1. And then we go further into the implementation plan and technological path of the four fundamental states of this system, implement and analyze these four state model blocks on the pc simulation system and c6x system, also present the results

  2. To determine each kind of plant disease, the grouting reinforcement machine mechanism, the concrete implementation plan, and so on, are analyzed, in terms of usability, efficiency and feasibility

  3. The implementation plan is set out in a leaflet published today ( april 23 )

  4. After analyzing the drive factor to these risks, we can adopt the demand for defining enterprises rationally, carry on the correct assessment measure to the software system and system supplier through certain standard, to reduce the software risks of enterprises ; through trying attention and support, perfect business procedure of enterprise work, and perfect basic management of enterprise of leader, to make the change risk of the project reduce ; through taking and making effective implementation plan, strengthen control over project change, enhancement the control of cost and lead into project manage the measures, to reduce the project change risk that enterprises implement erp project ; through introducing management consulting, strengthens the project training and strengthens construct of the group, to reduce the human resources risk that enterprises implement erp project

  5. Once the required jmeter components were identified and a general test plan design conceived, the test scripts had to be built