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  1. It was originated by georges - pierre seurat ( french, 1859 - 1891 ), who employed a technique called pointillism ( also called divisionism, or confettiism ), based on the scientific juxtaposition of touches or dots of pure color

    1874年4月,這群青年畫家在巴黎卡普辛大街借用攝影師那達爾( na ? dar )的工作室舉辦展覽,他們自稱為「無名的畫家、雕塑家和版畫
  2. Georges knew he was near the end of the line.

  3. In the afternoon she expressed some anxiety, for georges, directly after leaving the table, had complained of a heavy feeling in his head and now seemed in for an atrocious sick headache

  4. Among all her guests the old lady spared only count muffat and georges. the count, who said he had serious business in orleans, could certainly not be running after the bad woman, and as to georges, the poor child was at last causing her grave anxiety, seeing that every evening he was seized with atrocious sick headaches which kept him to his bed in broad daylight

  5. Georges had made haste to disappear from the scene and had double - locked his door