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  • geothermal: adj. 地熱的,有關地熱的 (= geothermal)。adv. -ally
  • degree: n. 1. 程度;等級。2. 階層,地位。3. 學位,學術。4. 度,度數。5. 【數學】次;冪。6. 【音樂】階,度,音程。7. 【語法】(形容詞和副詞的)級。8. 【法律】親等。

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  1. Educational criticism at the 21st century is characterized of extensive subject, outstanding hotspot, manifold form, its participation degree exceeding all the time before, aculeate saying and clear - sighted sensibility, and deep influence. all these show its healthy development trend

  2. Fortunately i had had the advantage of being taught french by a french lady ; and as i had always made a point of conversing with madame pierrot as often as i could, and had besides, during the last seven years, learnt a portion of french by heart daily - applying myself to take pains with my accent, and imitating as closely as possible the pronunciation of my teacher, i had acquired a certain degree of readiness and correctness in the language, and was not likely to be much at a loss with mademoiselle adela

  3. Analysis of syntax and semantics of relative degree adverb

  4. During diagenetic process, there may exist the fractional crystallization of clino - pyroxene, plagioclase, olivine and ti - fe oxide, and the accumulation of olivine. the alkalic - ultramafic dikes formed by low degree partial melting ( 3. 4 % ) of enriched mantle, consist of single olivine pyroxenolite, the dominating olivine fractionation is evident

    成因上為富集地幔部分熔融作用的結果,但在成巖過程中也可能存在單斜輝石、斜長石、橄欖石和ti - fe氧化物等礦物的分離結晶作用。
  5. By physiognomy feature, it could be divided into three types of thermal structure : positive dome model, negative collapse model and border dome core collapse model. based on the depth degree or magma - thermal influenced, it could be divided into five types of thermal structure : ( ancient ) geothermal anomaly focus region model, superficial volcano eruption hydro - thermalism and hypabyssal intrusive model, thermal anticline ( thermal dome ) model, mid - deep intrusive model, deep mantle ( crust ) thermal plume model ; and put forward a perfect model of the thermal structure. there are many interaction system could be induced into a systematic thermal interaction, include : ocean - continent system, basin - mountain interaction, superficial and mid - deep crust - mantle interaction, crust - mantle commingle interaction, vertical thermal interaction ( delamination ) etc.

    依據地貌形態分為三類:正向穹窿型、負向塌陷型、邊隆核陷型:依據巖漿-熱力作用影響的深淺程度或深度分為五類: (古)地熱異常群集區、表淺層火山噴發-熱液活動與淺成侵入型、熱力背斜(熱穹窿) 、中深層侵入型、深部地幔(地殼)熱柱型;提出了熱力構造作用空間分佈的理想模式,將洋陸系統、盆山作用、淺表與中深部殼幔作用、殼幔混合、垂向熱力作用(拆沉)等納入一個整體統一的熱力作用系統中,為盆地動力學研究打開了一個新窗口;研討了熱力構造研究方法。