germanous oxide中文意思是什麼

germanous oxide解釋

  • germanous: 含二價鍺的
  • oxide: n. 【化學】氧化物。 antimony oxide 銻白,氧化銻。 deuterium oxide 重水,氧化氘。 mercuric oxide 氧化汞。 nitric oxide 一氧化一氮。

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  1. It is duality strong acerbity. it had ability with much metal and metal oxide action make sulfate while it process strong sop and oxygenation

  2. Because of the assemble - ease characteristic of oxide, the adscititious powder agglomerates added into al melt have a bigger size and need more time to finishing the in - situ reaction in mixing melt

  3. Amylene oxide ring

  4. L - arginine : this amino acid is a precursor to nitric oxide ( no )

    精氨酸:這種氨基酸是氮氧化物( no )的前身。
  5. Yao ze tian. cardiotonic card and manufacture method - by preparing gar infrared bioceramic material from silicon oxide, alumina, zinc oxide and titanium oxids through mixing and high - temp treatment, cn 1204538

    張愛平,林燕萍,王和鳴,等.納米相陶瓷遠紅外線治療急性軟組織損傷動物模型實驗研究.福建中醫學院學報, 2001 , 11 ( 1 ) : 20 - 21