1. He gradually becomes kind and falls in love again with his puppy love, gil. however, a secret of fai s company wakes his instinct and he decides to take revenge on his ex - colleagues, especially his rival, godzilla. unable to stop this, gil is hurt and about to leave when at this moment, an answer of all unexplainable happenings knocks the door.

    2. Gil grissom : there are three things people love to stare at : a rippling stream, a sunset, and a zamboni going around and around

    3. But i don ' t. . - gil, your disease, all right

      但是我不. . . -吉爾,你的病好了嗎?
    4. Gil - - gil, decker and rico are playing too loose at the corners

      Gil - - gil , decker和rico在角旗邊的防守逼的不緊
    5. - come on, gil. knock it off. - gil, it ' s ok