gilmore girls season 中文意思是什麼

gilmore girls season 解釋

  • gilmore: 吉爾摩
  • girls: 百個女生一個男生
  • season: n 1 季;季節;〈美國〉雨季。2 (水果、魚類等的)旺季;流行季節;時令;活動期。3 好時機;適當時機...

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  2. They knew, none better, the havoc caused by a good-looking young man to the hearts of adolescent girls.

  3. In 1889 chicago had the peculiar qualifications of growth which made such adventuresome pilgrimages even on the part of young girls plausible

  4. The hydrology and aerography indexes change in the middle of the rainy season in dry - hot valley are explored in this paper, which involves the mean ground temperature, relative humidity, runoff on trunk, rainfall, evaporation quantity, etc

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