gilmore girls season 中文意思是什麼

gilmore girls season 解釋

  • gilmore: 吉爾摩
  • girls: 百個女生一個男生
  • season: n 1 季;季節;〈美國〉雨季。2 (水果、魚類等的)旺季;流行季節;時令;活動期。3 好時機;適當時機...

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  1. I like girls that wear abercrombie and fitch, i d take her if i had one wish,

  2. During the festival, events such as traditional tea ceremonies and japanese koto harp performances were held in this garden abloom with the autumn flora so each visitor could fully enjoy the fall season

  3. Missed free throws, relying too much on jump shots and abysmal defense have plagued the team all season

  4. Moisture, temperature, season and forest type, on the occurrence of agarics are extensively discussed in this dissertation. finally, several suggestions for long - term and sustainable research of agarics are given

  5. < i > we stopped to watch a scene from the gilmore girls. < / i >