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  • glass: n 1 玻璃,玻璃狀物。2 〈集合詞〉玻璃製品,玻璃器具,料器;玻璃暖房 (=glasshouse)。3 玻璃杯;一...

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  1. One of the principal advantages of the reflecting glass is its complete freedom from chromatic aberration.

  2. But she did get more exercised when her normally abstemious daughter, queen elizabeth, once asked for a second glass of wine at lunch

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  4. I am apt to recently little stomach an angina next have loose bowels, and go up gas, keep exhaust, lie on the bed in the evening especially, can feel the position that feels bowel rouses a packet, particularly afflictive, the doctor says i am alvine function disorder, i eat now " li zhu bowel is happy " a week, angina was solved, other did not see how old the effect, i want to ask the year before last year i made alvine looking glass, have the possibility of the adhesion that get bowel, is my symptom resembled unlike

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