glasseye snapper中文意思是什麼

glasseye snapper解釋

  • snapper: n 1 咬人的狗[動物];啪啪響的東西。2 偷竊者;愛罵人的人。3 撳鈕,按扣 〈cf snap 條〉。4 【動物;動...

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  1. And you both got the. . snapper, right ?

    你們倆都點了. . .笛鯛,對嗎?
  2. Brownstriepe snapper, brownstripe red snapper

  3. 55 after sot for a while, one corner of germany has been turned into little tunis, and this red snapper has it all on film

  4. " i probably have had to modify my game. when i was a whipper - snapper i was sprinting down the channels, beating hundreds of players and crossing balls in

    「也許我不得不去稍微改變一下我的比賽方式,以前我很有精力的時候會疾速狂奔,巧妙的帶球過掉所有的對手。 」
  5. As park employees attempted to move witherspoon and her kids to a safer area, the snapper allegedly assaulted two park employees, prompting security to call the police