glenn roeder中文意思是什麼

glenn roeder解釋

  • glenn: n. 格倫〈姓氏,男子名〉。
  • roeder: 勒德爾

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  1. However, manager glenn roeder was disappointed that referee chris foy ignored his players ' requests for the free - kick which led to drogba ' s decisive strike to be taken from where they believed the foul had occurred

  2. He added : " owen was one of the main names mentioned when glenn roeder sold the club to me

    他還表示說: 「當羅德說服我來紐卡的時候,歐文的名字是他提起最多的。 」
  3. Newcastle manager glenn roeder believes owen ' s knee injury would have ended his career a few years ago

  4. Newcastle boss glenn roeder has admitted england striker michael owen is close to a comeback despite ruling him out of a behind - closed doors friendly this week

  5. He has previously stated he is not interested in a return to england, but newcastle boss glenn roeder admits he would be at the front of a bevy of clubs who would welcome him with open arms