glued coc truction中文意思是什麼

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  1. Cork. compound agglomerated corf for insulation underlays for parquets intended to be glued. tests

  2. Glued laminated timber - delamination test of glue lines

  3. Meanwhile the rest of the team was ensconced at central office, eyes glued to television set and the computer on which the early predictions were coming through.

  4. Bamboo art can be roughly classified as bamboo fretwork, woven bamboo items, bamboo skewer craft, glued bamboo items, bamboo carvings and spatial installations. representatives of these types are exhibited in each display area while this area provides a more general introduction to the traditional bamboo hollowing, weaving and carving crafts. the tools used and the processing of the raw materials is also explained here

  5. Icarus did it withfeathers glued together with wax ; he flew too near the sun and plummetted intothe sea