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  • gni: GNI = gross national income 國民總收入。
  • green: adj 1 綠色的,青色的。2 未成熟的;年青的;無經驗的;易受騙的,天真的。3 未加工的;未處理過的;(...
  • island: n 1 島,島嶼。2 島狀物;孤立的地區;孤立的組織。3 【造船】航空母艦或船隻的上層建築〈如艦橋、艦臺...

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  1. As reported by the harbour master, h. g. thomsett in march 1873, the second - best sites, all within the jurisdiction of hong kong, were considered to be cape d aguilar, green island and cape collinson, as lighthouses in these places would cover the eastern entrance and the western entrance to hong kong

    根據港務長h . g . thomsett一八七三年三月的報告,鶴咀、青洲和哥連臣角這三個地點雖屬次選,但全部位於香港水域,而地理上又能扼守香港東西兩面入口,為進港的船隻導航。
  2. The green island reclamation will produce about 186 hectares of land ( including some 10 hectares already formed under the belcher bay link project ) on the north of kennedy town for residential development and strategic road links as well as provision of open spaces including waterfront promenades and an urban fringe park

    青洲填海工程將在堅尼地城北面填造約186公頃土地(包括約十公頃在卑路乍灣連接路工程下已平整的土地) ,供住宅發展及興建重要連接路,以及提供遊憩用地,包括海濱長廊及市鎮邊緣地區公園。
  3. At present, there are only five pre - war lighthouses still survived. two of the five lighthouses are on green island while the other three are at cape d aguilar, waglan island and tang lung chau respectively

  4. It commenced operation in 1893, is one of the five surviving pre - war lighthouses in hong kong i. e. green island two on the island, waglan island, tang lung chau and at cape d aguilar. hong kong owes its prosperity to trade and its harbour was a regular port of call even before 1841

    香港商貿發達,早在一八四一年前已是一個商港。當時政府和商界人士均認為需要在港口沿岸設置輔航照明設施。現今尚存的戰前燈塔共有五座,分別位於青洲(兩座) 、橫瀾島、燈籠洲及鶴咀。
  5. 101 lighthouse in the darkness green island lights up in radiance