go off into ecstasies中文意思是什麼

go off into ecstasies解釋

  • go: GO = General Orders 【軍事】一般命令;衛兵守則。vi (went; gone; 第二人稱單數現在式〈古語〉 goes...
  • off: adv 1 〈運動〉向那邊,隔開。 be off 走,去,逃。 I must be off 我得走了。 Where are you off to 你...
  • into:

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  2. The next morning, he bundled up some food in a red bandanna handkerchief, told his parents good-by, and set off into the world.

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  4. The flight path would then either intersect the earth, or go off into space.

  5. Continued nana, retracing her steps as far as the last of the shops in order to go into ecstasies over a porcelain greyhound standing with raised forepaw in front of a nest hidden among roses. at length they quitted the passage, but she refused the offer of a cab