goal directed activity中文意思是什麼

goal directed activity解釋

  • goal: n. 1. (賽跑等的)終點。2. (足球等運動的)球門;守門員。3. 門球;門球得分。4. 目的,目標;目的地。
  • directed: adj. 1. 有指導的;定向的。2. 【數學】標出(數、角、線段的)正負的。
  • activity: n. 1. 活動;活躍;動作;活動力;能動性。2. 活性;放射性。3. 機能,功能。4. 〈美國〉機構。5. 〈pl. 〉 活動范圍。

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  1. I have an ideal picture in my mind that in teaching of reading, our chinese teachers are to be developers, demonstrators and fulfillers while the students are sharers as well as feedbackers of the tactics. the goal of developing students " consciousness of effective reading is to let the students be the schemer and supervisors in their self - reading activity and be the real master of reading. in a word, i ' m looking forward to fulfilling the task through the study and practice to change sensible reading into rational reading and to improve students " reading ability

  2. Education in china has since a long time ago regarded the teaching - studying process simply as a process of understanding, overlooking the emotional activities along with it, and, effect of teaching activities is greatly weakened as a result. directed against this, we put forward a project of reach and control on the goal of etmotional field in studying of chemical course of secondary school students, which is based on roger ' s theory of non - guided teaching and bloom ' s theory about goal of emotional education, taking into account our investigation and analysis on emotional problems in chemical course studying of students from several secondary schools of changsha of different levels

  3. Goal - directed behavior

  4. Part three article part of sublimating of theme, should relax control and implement fundamental key of market - oriented management at the foundation through preceding paragraphs to of our country expressway, chapter this put forward expressway market - based legal structure get involved idea, legal structure expressway market - based logic structure and system goal of activity

  5. Children ' s understanding of biological goal - directed action