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  • goat: n 1 【動物;動物學】山羊。2 〈the G 〉 【天文學】山羊座;摩羯宮。3 壞人 (opp sheep); 色鬼。4 〈...
  • piece: n 1 片;斷片,碎片;一部,部分,部件。2 〈作量詞〉一片,一幅,一匹,一塊,一件,一項,一番,一段...
  • skin: n 1 (人體的)皮,皮膚。2 〈口語〉皮肉;肉體,性命。 3 獸皮,(特指小牛、山羊等小動物的)皮革。 ...
  • plate: n 1 厚金屬板 〈cf sheet〉 板(片);(記有姓名等的金屬)牌子,(尤指醫生的)招牌,藏書牌;【印刷...

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  1. Skin - the - goat, assuming he was he, evidently with an axe to grind, was airing his grievances in a forcible - feeble philippic anent the natural resources of ireland, or something of that sort, which he described in his lengthy dissertation as the richest country bar none on the face of god s earth, far and away superior to england, with coal in large quantities, six million pounds worth of pork exported every year, ten millions between butter and eggs, and all the riches drained out of it by england levying taxes on the poor people that paid through the nose always, and gobbling up the best meat in the market, and a lot more surplus steam in the same vein

  2. The design and machining technology process of its molding part including the front moulding plate 、 front mould kernel 、 back mould plate 、 back mould kernel 、 back mould set piece 、 incline guide pin 、 slide steatite etc, and the choice and calculation of technology parameters of the impotent part, the design process of extrusion outfit, inject system and other makeup are specified in detail ; test and product have been introduced

  3. I had a great high shapeless cap, made of a goat s skin, with a flap hanging down behind, as well to keep the sun from me, as to shoot the rain off from running into my neck ; nothing being so hurtful in these climates, as the rain upon the flesh under the cloaths

  4. A fine piece of plate, is one of these articles

  5. Metal packages ; three - piece tin - plate or black - plate cylindrical, straight - sided aerosol cans