音標 [gəuld]
n. 名詞 1. 金,黃金;金幣。
2. 財富;財寶;黃金一樣貴重[富麗]的東西。
3. 金色,金黃色。
4. 包金,鍍金;金粉,金錢,金箔。
5. (射箭的)金色靶心。
6. 金牌,金質獎章。
adj. 形容詞 1. 金的,金制的,含金的。
2. 金色的。
3. 金本位的。


    1. We have a great admiration for the gold medalists.

    2. All at once, as with a sudden smile of heaven, forth burst the sunshine, pouring a very flood into the obscure forest, gladdening each green leaf, transmuting the yellow fallen ones to gold, and gleaming adown the grey trunks of the solemn trees

    3. The ore - forming material is mostly from volcanic rock, and sub volcanic rock provides the main thermal and some mineral materials. the ore - forming fluid is from meteoric water. as a result, it should be a kind of adularia - sericite type of epithermal gold deposit

    4. And the servants also of huram, and the servants of solomon, which brought gold from ophir, brought algum trees and precious stones

    5. And the navy also of hiram, that brought gold from ophir, brought in from ophir great plenty of almug trees, and precious stones