good friend forever中文意思是什麼

good friend forever解釋

  • good: adj (better; best ) (opp bad)1 好的,良好的;漂亮的,優美的。2 愉快的,幸福的。3 善良的,有品...
  • friend: n 1 友人,朋友 (opp foe enemy)。2 〈稱呼語〉朋友〈常作 My friend〉;〈英國〉下議院議員間的稱呼...
  • forever: adv 〈美國〉永遠,不絕,不斷。 go away forever 一去不復返。 She s forever complaining 她總是發牢...

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  1. I think he was a good friend but when i really needed his help he was showing to be a break reed

  2. “ claud, ” his good friend that called carl was skating toward him from the glacier of the village, “ brother, i will skate all night, will you

    「克勞德, 」他的好友卡爾正從村邊的冰河滑過來, 「兄弟,我要滑一整晚,你來嗎? 」
  3. His favourite actors, his adopted son, the centaur in greek mythology, oedipus from greek tragedy, his good friend yul brynner and even the painter picasso appear in the film, a sort of grand finale before his 70th birthday

  4. The person with the quizzical brow ? - that is his good friend, mr darcy

    長著奇怪眉毛的那個? -那個是他的好朋友,達西先生
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