good-thompson antrum rasp中文意思是什麼

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  • good: adj (better; best ) (opp bad)1 好的,良好的;漂亮的,優美的。2 愉快的,幸福的。3 善良的,有品...
  • thompson: n. 湯普森〈姓氏〉。
  • antrum: n. (pl. -tra ) 【解剖學】竇,房。 dental antrum 牙竇。
  • rasp: n 1 粗銼,木銼;【機械工程】銼機;銼磨而發出的刺耳聲音。2 (心裏的)焦急,煩躁。vt 1 用粗銼銼 (o...

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  1. The good abbot of holywood is a strong pillar to the weak.

  2. With our strict abidance by the tenet to survive by quality, to develop by reputation, as well as improvement and innovation, the company scale expands rapidly, which has helped set up good reputation among industries

  3. Now abraham had given all that he had to isaac and had breathed his last, dying in a good old age.

  4. 24. smoking abstention and good health association

    23 .戒煙保健會總會
  5. Triazophos was a type of low - toxic, high - effective and broad - spectrum phosphorothioate pesticide and acaricide, which was developed in 1970s. it was thought to become the substitution of other pesticide such as methamidophos and dimethoate, so it had a good potential of application