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  • gordon: n. 1. 戈登〈姓氏,男子名〉。2. Charles George Gordon 查理喬治戈登〈1833-1885,英國軍人,曾協助滿清政府鎮壓太平天國起義,后在遠征 Sudan 中戰死〉。
  • downs: 白堊山丘

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  1. Analyzing the yi family ' s ups and downs to make clear the relations between the rise of the kyongwon yi family and koryo ' s aristocratism is of great help to our understanding of the rise and fall of koryo ' s aristocratism

  2. This photograph of the same magic square was taken by gordon brindle whilst on holiday in barcelona to celebrate his wife ' s birthday

  3. Gordon : ditto, but what can you do

  4. Gordon : of course i am. christmas wouldn ' t be the same without it. you won ' t enjoy christmas unless you drink the eggnog

  5. The 3 - d complex flowfield of rocket - missile with wings and empennages induced by the interaction between by base jet and the flow around the body has been numerically simulated. the main work is as follows : first, the gordon - mcbride program was developed to make it more friendly and efficient to the users

    本文對帶彈翼/尾翼彈箭的三維噴流繞流復雜流場進行了數值模擬,其主要研究內容有:首先,對gordon - mcbride火箭程序作了改進,使改進后的軟體具有了非常友好的人機交互界面。