gordos international corp中文意思是什麼

gordos international corp解釋

  • gordos: 戈爾多什
  • international: adj 國際(上)的,國際間的;世界的;〈I 〉國際勞工聯盟的;〈I 〉國際信號的。 an international con...
  • corp: 科爾普

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  1. Most advanced chain making manchines from germany and the up - date manufacturing technology from japan, we always guarantee our design and quality control following the step of times and enhance the share of international market, that is the reason why our corp can smoothly obtain the approval of iso9002 in 1999, as well as ce approval later on, also it can explain why we are the first and only one that successfully get the germany certificate of gs for hoists in china

    公司憑借第一流的技術隊伍和當今世界最先進的德制鏈條生產線,引起日本製造技術,已於1999年成功通過iso9002質量體系認證及隨后的歐共體產品「 ce 」安全認證,同時,雙鳥機械還是中國同行業中首家獲得德國「 gs 」產品認證的起重企業。
  2. From discussing the factors that influence the quality of the single - crystal, a positive method using the floating - boat method from the british mr corp. to control the diameter of the single - crystal was determined, and produced the highest quality low epd single - crystals international

  3. The first five - star sheraton corp. international hotel of jiu zhaigou, is located in green water green hill in world fairy tale of jiuzaigou. she serve with sunshine, green field, local trait and a home from home tender feeling, merges magnificent scene qiang s conditions and customs, humane atmosphere with hiding of the nature perfectly, it is the best place that stay where chinese and foreign guests go sightseeing and lie fallow for holidays

  4. In order to meet the strict requirements for optical communication components, axcen photonics corp not only has obtained the compliance certificate of csa and tuv but also pursue the system certificate of iso 9001 to reach the international manufacturing standard in the near future. furthermore, our company also set up the quality insurance division to monitor and audit the quality of product production

    創威光電為維持光通訊元件品質的一致性及其可靠度要求,目前除已通過csa , tuv及fda等安規認證外,目前亦積極從事于iso9001系統管理認證,以符合國際性製造標準流程,此外,本公司亦於公司內部成立品保部門,用以維持及監控整體製作水準。
  5. Albany international corp. , headquartered in albany , new york , is the largest supplier of paper machine clothing ( pmc ) in the world

    奧伯尼國際有限公司,總部設於美國紐約州州府奧伯尼市,是全球最大的一家紙機織物備件( pmc )產銷公司。