government relations中文意思是什麼

government relations解釋

  • government: n. 1. 政治;政體;政權;管理,支配。2. 政廳;〈G-〉 政府,〈英國〉內閣。3. 行政管理區域。4. 【語法】支配。5. 政治學。6. 〈美國〉 〈pl. 〉 政府證券。
  • relations: 交往, 關系, 事務

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  1. He advises on and formulates the government s overall public relations strategy, locally and outside hong kong. mrs juliana chen

  2. The formation and implication of trustful relations with contractual - type government

  3. Good business sense. experience with government relations and events / issue management

  4. At a conference in the capital of sao tome and principe monday chevron s public and government relations representative jonathan lifa said that the operations were estimated to cost between us 400 000 and us 700 000 per day but it had not been determined how long they would last

  5. But not only are government relations excellent, the uk - china relationship now covers a broad range of society : commercial links, academic links and links between people