governor indle中文意思是什麼

governor indle解釋

  • governor: n 1 統治者,管轄者。2 地方長官,總督,縣長,市長(等);〈美國〉州長,(要塞等的)司令官;〈英國...
  • indle: 紡錘;紡錘體

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  1. He was an accountant by training and was rumoured to be a relative of the governor.

  2. Besides, the legislation of criminal scout behavior is amphiboles, also with the improper setting mode of governor organization and the procedural deficiency in criminal scout. only one kinds of criterion of distinguishing the public security organ ’ s double behaviors is not enough to answer the question and to solve the problem that these two kinds of behaviors making confusion with each other. so it is necessary to define its theoretical base further and erect some correlative mechanism to make easy for the body to distinguish double behaviors automatically and consequently to guarantee each of these double behaviors goes to its own legal orbit

  3. By order of barclay de tolly to the civil governor of smolensk

  4. " i saw her, the other day, bespatter the governor himself with water, at the cattle - trough in spring lane

  5. Completed in 1916, the helena may was the brainchild of lady may, wife of the governor of hong kong from 1912 to 1919

    梅夫人婦女會建於1914年, 1916年正式落成啟用,宗旨是為單身的職業女性提供宿舍。