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  • grant: vt 1 許可,答應,承認。2 授與,讓渡,轉讓。3 假定,姑且承認。n 1 許可;答應;承認。2 授與,讓渡;...
  • operation: n 1 動作,行動,活動;業務,工作;作用。2 效果,效力;有效范圍,有效期間。4 【數學】運算;【醫學...

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  1. The development of network media causes great impact on the communication patterns in our country, the media transfers from the disseminators as operation center to the acceptant as operation center. of course, our country gets the new spread way at present, and network media become a new window to helping readers both at home and abroad to understand china

  2. Grant, 33, said thursday that suns team doctor thomas carter will perform the operation friday to clean out any calcification in the tendon of the knee and any floating bodies within the joint

  3. For those who fail to fully pay the registered capital or working capital, china insurance regulatory commission shall not grant approval to their application for operation of new business

  4. It is grant operation of the our state - owned economy strategy adjustment that the separation between the core business and the sub - business of the state - owned enterprises and the sub - business reform, the object of which is that will set up the modem enterprise regulations suitable for the market economy, bettered the enterprise regulation suitable for the market juridical person running mechanism, the significance of which is that will has realized " two tending towards " through " two displacing "

    國有大中型企業主輔分離輔業改制是我國國有經濟戰略調整的重大舉措,輔業改制的目標是建立符合社會主義市場經濟要求的現代企業制度,完善企業法人治理結構;意義在於通過「兩個置換」 ,實現「兩個走向」 ,即通過國有企業產權和國有企業職工身份的雙重置換,實現國有企業走向市場的同時國有企業職工也走向市場。
  5. Under the 2004 - 05 approved budget, the unit cost of foster care service is $ 8, 525 per month, covering maintenance grant for foster care, incentive payment for foster care parents, operation cost of the organisation concerned and staff remuneration, etc. the unit costs for small group homes and residential child care institutions are $ 12, 413 and $ 11, 132 per month respectively, including the child s monthly living expenses, operation cost of the organisation concerned and staff remuneration, etc

    在二四至五年度核準預算下,寄養服務的單位成本為每月8 , 525元,當中包括寄養兒童生活津貼、寄養父母獎勵金、以及機構的運作成本和職員薪津等。兒童之家和兒童院舍的單位成本則分別為每月12 , 413元和11 , 132元,當中包括兒童每月生活開支、機構的運作成本以及職員薪津等。