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  • grate: n 1 爐格,爐篦,爐柵。2 火爐,壁爐。3 格柵,格子。4 【礦物】篦條篩,固定篩。vt 在…上裝爐格,在…上...
  • stack: n 1 (麥桿等的)堆,垛;乾草堆。2 積材,層積,堆積;〈英國〉一堆〈木材等的計量單位,=108立方英尺...

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  1. Square bins(sides of equal length)are easier to stack in stores or packhouses than rectangular bins.

  2. Automatic book stack

  3. Lift bop stack and replace wellhead connector ax ring

  4. The inertial armor feat, the ectoplasmic armor power, bracers of armor, shields, and suits of armor all provide armor bonuses, so their effects do not stack

    「惰性護甲」專長、 「星質護甲」異能、防禦護腕、盾牌、盔甲都提供盔甲加值,所以它們的效果不累計。
  5. For this reason bridging the communications gap between serial - only devices to tcp / ip network hosts is a very important research topic. the thesis starts from the three research methods about gateway equipment, talks about the each characteristics, finally brings forward the material method how to implement the tcp / ip stack on the 51 mcu. at the same time, it uses the format of the callback function implementing the application layer protocol facing industrial real - time communication ( modbus protocol )

    論文從目前國內主要的三種關于網關設備的研究方法談起,討論了各個方法的特點,提出了在常規的51單片機硬體上實現簡化的tcp / ip協議棧設計方法和具體實現,並利用回調函數的形式實現了面向工業實時通訊的應用層協議( modbus協議) 。