gravity reiteration中文意思是什麼

gravity reiteration解釋

  • gravity: n. 1. 認真,嚴肅,莊重。2. 重要性,嚴重性;危險性。3. 重量。4. 【物理學】重力,引力,地心吸力。5. 【音樂】(音調的)低沉。
  • reiteration: n. 反復;重復;重申;〈主英〉【印刷】反面印刷。

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  1. Application of satellite altimetry technique in marine gravity surveying

  2. Astatic gravity meter

  3. A check of urine specific gravity at the time of admission of an acute asthmatic will invariably show a state of severe water retention with high urinary specific gravity.

  4. Based on an integrated correlation and study of regional and deep geophysical data such as 12 magnetotelluric sounding profiles, 5 seismic profiles, tomographic imaging velocity structural data and gravity and magnetic field, the authors have formulated the 3d deep tectonic framework of the middle and lower yangtze valley and its neighborring areas in relation to the distribution of auriferous skarn deposits and copper ( associated with gold ) skarn deposits

    作者藉助12條大地電磁測深剖面、 5條地震剖面、層析成像速度結構資料、重磁場等區域的和深部的地球物理資料進行綜合對比研究,給出長江中下游及其鄰區的三維深部構造格架及其與含金夕卡巖礦床和銅伴生金夕卡巖礦床的分佈關系。
  5. In some binary star systems, gas escapes from one star and is captured by the gravity of the other to form a disk