grease floatation tank中文意思是什麼

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  • grease: n 1 (煉出的)動物脂,油脂;【機械工程】脂膏,滑脂;(作顏料溶劑用的)脂油;〈古語〉脂肪。2 羊毛...
  • floatation: n. 1. 漂浮;(船的)下水。2. 【礦物】浮選(法)。3. (公債等的)發行;(公司等的)設立;創業;(計劃的)實行。
  • tank: n 1 罐,槽;箱;櫃〈盛液體或氣體的大容器〉;(火車頭的)水櫃;(船上的)液體艙;〈美、英方〉水堰...

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  1. Water system. water tank for water accumulator. type and size

  2. This article introduces the corrosion harm of hydrochloric acid mist to the surrounding environments around desalinated - water stations, reasons for the production of acid mist and some corresponding preventing and controlling measures such as rebuilding the acid storage tank, airproofing the neutralization pond, correctly configuring the acid mist absorber and strengthening the management of unloading installations

  3. Caydiem > denise, once more - - druids were given the snap aggro ability as an aspect of the tank

    再說一次? ?德魯伊被給予拉仇恨的能力是因為他們被期望成為坦克。
  4. Carbon absorption system, coagulation flocculation system, maceration, filter - - cartridge, filter - - packed bed, floatation unit, grease trap, grit removal, mixer, oil interceptor, oil water separator, screen intake, sedimentation system, uv steriliser

  5. Let the air dissolve for over 2 minutes. after the pressurized saturated liquid is fully mixed with the wastewater in the stagnant mixer, discharge the mixture into the floatation tank for solid and liquid separation and achieve the goal of grease and waste removal