green spider中文意思是什麼

green spider解釋

  • green: adj 1 綠色的,青色的。2 未成熟的;年青的;無經驗的;易受騙的,天真的。3 未加工的;未處理過的;(...
  • spider: n 1 【動物;動物學】蜘蛛。2 帶柄三腳平底鍋。3 三腳架。4 【機械工程】星形輪;十字叉;(螺旋槳的)...

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  1. Malachite green actinometer

  2. The lavender - hued volleyball strip depicts the tense action as the setter positions the ball perfectly for the spiker to send her deadly shot into the opposite court. an equally exciting episode is captured in the cycling strip, set against a vibrant green background, as the cyclist manoeuvres a thrilling pass before pulling away to race across the finish line. the badminton set, which features a warm brown tone, captures four dramatic action shots during an intense game

  3. A full backpack was not enough, i needed to hung a tent, a dampproof mat, a matting outside my backpack, and a most professional alpenstock and a spider inserted outside my backpack agley, and hung a aluminium water bottle made in spain at backpack belt at my front chest

  4. And i feel like holding a cup of green heated tea, viewing the shade of silver gauze dancing with wind tenderly out of the window ; enjoy listening to the wonderful sound of the accumulative rain drops from eaves knocking on ground ; and love to breathe deep in slight cool wind, fresh air covering my bosom

  5. Many youngsters rack their brains to collect some rarely seen pets such as lizard, green snake, python, sea turtle or even poisonous spider