greenwich meridian line中文意思是什麼

greenwich meridian line解釋

  • greenwich: n. (倫敦)格林尼治〈英國倫敦東南一市鎮,為本初子午線所經過的地方〉。
  • meridian: n 1 【天文學】子午圈[線];正午。2 頂點,絕頂;全盛期。adj 子午圈的;正午的;頂點的,絕頂的;全盛...
  • line: n 1 線;繩索;釣絲;測深度用繩,捲尺。 a fishing line 釣魚線。 be clever with rod and line 會釣魚...

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  1. A : which line do i take for greenwich village

  2. The course which will cut each meridian at the same angle is termed a rhumb line

  3. From the monotonicity of the power addition along the central meridian line of the surface, methods for selecting the design parameters is discussed

  4. It is called meridian gate because the emperor believed that the meridian line went right through the forbidden city and his imperial residence was the center of the whole universe

  5. Next, the soft method based on the dirichlet principle is given in detail. emphasis is put on the pattern of power addition along its main meridian line and the construction of the envelope of the nonrotationally symmetrical aspheric surface