grenade launcher中文意思是什麼

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  • grenade: n. 1. 手榴彈〈通常稱 hand-grenade〉;槍榴彈〈又名 rifle-grenade〉。2. 滅火彈;催淚彈。
  • launcher: n. 1. 彈射器;彈弓;石弩。2. (安裝在步槍上的)手榴彈發射器。3. (飛彈、太空飛船等的)發射裝置。

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  1. = " jw33 fragmentation grenade. cast iron construction with raised waffle pattern. ? granular tnt filler provides for a powerful, highly lethal blast radius.

    " jw33爆裂榴彈。帶有發泡網格花紋的鑄鐵質地。由顆粒狀的tnt填充,爆炸半徑很大,極具殺傷力。
  2. Basic training includes an obstacle course on which you learn to move through the game ' s environments, a rifle range on which you qualify with the m16a2, and a weapons course on which you familiarize yourself with a few of the heavier hitters in the infantryman ' s arsenal ( among them the squad automatic rifle, hand grenades, and m203 grenade launcher )

    基礎訓練包括:一門障礙越野課程將讓你學習穿越游戲中的各種環境,一門步槍射擊課程讓你有資格使用m16a2 ,一門武器課程讓你在步兵武器庫中使用一些重型武器(包括自動班步槍,手雷, m203槍?彈) 。
  3. The tawhid and jihad group sent al - jazeera a video showing the two unidentified bulgarians sitting with their hands cuffed, flanked by three masked men, two carrying rifles and one carrying a rocket propelled grenade launcher

  4. The xm29 was intended to be a shoulder - fired, semi - automatic grenade launcher in 20 mm calibre and to incorporate a compact, lightweight 5. 56 mm rifle as a back - up weapon

  5. It is clearly a much lower - risk project than the grenade launcher and is already close to maturity ; plans to carry out large - scale troop trials have been drawn up