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grid element解釋

  • grid: n 1 格子,格柵。2 (蓄電池的)鉛板。3 【無線電】柵級。4 鐵道網;【電學】電力網;〈英國〉(全國)...
  • element: n 1 要素;成分;(構成)部分;分子。2 【化學】元素;【數學】元,素;【機械工程】單元;單體;【無...

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  1. The element employs a bifilar wound wire grid on an insulating substrate.

  2. Navigating within an element grid in schema view

  3. The grid division was used to sign the environment, and the grid side expressed the element information and the distance information, thus reducing the computation quantity of the algorithm

  4. Furthermore, the isoline maps of mean wind pressure coefficients and rms wind pressure coefficients of the structure under various wind directions are plotted. in the matter of theoretical analysis, modeling with finite element method, using the local mean wind pressure coefficients and time history of fluctuating pressures determined in wind tunnel, the wind - induced dynamic responses for long - span grid roof structures are calculated in frequency domain and time domain separately

  5. Grid generating automatically method of finite element analysis for rotator structure