• gruchet: 格呂謝
  • le: 1. low explosive 低級炸藥。2. labo(u)r exchange 實物交換,產品交換;職業介紹所;〈主英〉(勞工部的)勞工介紹所。


  1. En apparance, l ' entreprise a capitaux mixtes est la combinaison de capitaux, de techniques, de personnel et de travail respectifs, alors que sa connotation profonde, qui est le plus important pour la gestion a capitaux mixtes, est la communication, les conflits jusqu ' au fusionnement de la culture

  2. And plant organs ( roots, stems and leaves from rice, cotton, maize, tobacco le aves and some vegetables ) are diluted with sterile water ( serial dilution method ). when the samples are diluted to 10 - 4, 10 - 5, 10 - 6 times, o. 5ml dilute solution are put into selective medium and are cultived for 3 ~ 5 days and observed wheather the transparent zones are produced

    稻田土、桔園土、池塘底泥、水產養殖場的泥土等)或植物器官(水稻、棉花、玉米、煙葉及一些蔬菜的根、莖、葉)用無菌水稀釋(梯度稀釋法人在稀釋倍數為10葉、 10刁、 10 、時分別取0
  3. Cellar le pinot is pleased to invite you to attend the tasting party of the wines from bott family from alsace

  4. Fixed : greatnews chokes on invalid date format thanks le catalan

    修改:改進了對一些不合法日期格式的兼容性thanks le catalan
  5. Added were celestine babayaro, england left - back graeme le saux - returning to the club where he had first broken into the game - and goalkeeper ed de goey

    球隊補充了塞萊斯汀.巴巴亞羅,英格蘭左邊衛格雷米.勒索克斯(回到自己曾經效力的球隊) ,守門員埃德.德胡耶。