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  1. Uh, that ' s pablo martinez. he ' s an argentinean agent

  2. It is all about roger federer, rafael nadal and guillermo coria, with a soup ? on of talk about richard gasquet, the french teenager

  3. To mock such a serious man as don guillermo is beyond all right.

  4. 16 phillips p j, wechsler h, huang j, rauss p j. the feret database and evaluation procedure for face - recognition algorithms. image and vision computing, 1998, 16 : 295 - 306. 17 martinez a m, benavente r. the ar face database

  5. Perez and her husband, emilio figuero, 32, work in a haircare product factory and already have a 5 - year - old daughter. after deciding to have a second child, the couple underwent fertility treatment, martinez said