H-Res =House (of Representatives) Resolution (美國)眾議院決議案。

  • h: = 【電學】 henry; 【化學】 hydrogen; 【物理學】磁場密度 (intensity of magnetic field) 地磁水平...
  • res: n. 〈sing. ,pl. 〉〈拉丁語〉物,實體,物件;事,事件;財產。 res angusta domi 家境貧困。 res judicata 已決事件。


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  2. The latter arises from abstraction of the somewhat lesser activated c-h bond in the dioxolane.

  3. Synergistic effects of hyperthermia and cisplatin on human lung adenocarcinoma cell line h

  4. Mayer a e h j, stowe r a. experimental study into mixing in a solid fuel ducted rocket combustion chamber [ r ]. aiaa 2000 - 3346

    餘勇,陳小前,等.三維實驗固體火箭沖壓發動機燃燒室湍流反應流數值模擬[ j ] .國防科技大學學報, 2002 , ( 5 )
  5. This work provided evidence that h. pylori had been transported across the bering strait by the ancestors of present - day amerindians and thus has been present in humans for at least 11, 000 years