habeas corpus中文意思是什麼

habeas corpus解釋

  • corpus: n (pl pora )1 軀體,身體;〈主謔〉屍體。2 (法典等的)集成,全集。3 (事物的)主體;【法律】主...

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  1. The types of british can be divided common remedy and special remedy. common remedies include compensation litigation, injunction and declaration. special remedies include habeas corpus, certiorari, prohibition, mandamus and so on

  2. In order to insure the content was detailed and true, this book adopted some ways of copying, clipping etc, and widely quoted many historical data, such as corpus, memoir, biography, unofficial history, note and chorography and so on. so the book has extensive, valuable, objective historical data

  3. Chui was also charged with one count of perjury. the charge alleged that chui, being lawfully affirmed as a deponent, had wilfully made false statements on affirmation for the purpose of a habeas corpus proceeding

  4. Applies for a writ of habeas corpus for the fourth time

  5. Arbitrary arrest, indefinite detention without trial, “ rendition ”, suspension of habeas corpus, even torture ? who would have thought such things possible

    任意逮捕,未經審判的無限期拘留, 「引渡」 ,人身保護令的中止,甚至是拷問? ?誰曾料想到這一切成為可能?