habit forming中文意思是什麼

habit forming解釋
adj. 形容詞 成習慣的,成癖的,使人上癮的,使之成嗜好的 (a habit-forming drug 會使人上癮的麻醉毒品)。

  • habit: n. 1. 習慣,癖好。2. 脾性,性情;(動,植物的)習性,常態。3. 體質,體格。4. 舉止,行為。5. 〈古語〉服裝;法衣,騎裝。6. 毒癮。vt. 1. 裝扮,穿著。2. 〈古語〉住在。
  • forming: device

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  1. This paper shows that favourable oil - pool - forming condition can be found in linnan sag. there are three main kinds of subtle oil - gas - pools : up - acclivity pinch - out sandstone, lenticle and fault - stratigraphy subtle oil - gas pools

    沙三下沙三中(旋迴c3和旋迴c4 )時期是尋找巖性圈閉的最有利層序。
  2. A black hole can accrete matter into itself as the matter falls or is pulled towards it. the accreting material then orbits around the black hole, forming an accretion disk

  3. I believe this is a common habit of children and adolescents.

  4. One of the side effects of this drug is the easiness of habit - forming

  5. The taste of success may become habit - forming