音標 ['hæbit]
n. 名詞 1. 習慣,癖好。
2. 脾性,性情;(動,植物的)習性,常態。
3. 體質,體格。
4. 舉止,行為。
5. 〈古語〉服裝;法衣,騎裝。
6. 毒癮。
vt. 及物動詞 1. 裝扮,穿著。
2. 〈古語〉住在。


    1. At the earliest developmental stage of the myxomycetes, the un - nucleate amoeboid or swarm cells of all the species are similar to each other in the aspects of morphology, structure and habit

    2. Shelton paused in the assimilation of asparagus; he, too, had been in the habit of admiring jellaby, but now he wondered, why ?

    3. During 2001 to 2002, observation and statistics were made on the dynamic status of migration, habitat form, habit of activity and population density of aves in the wetland of hengshui lake. the management and protection of bird resources are also discussed in the paper

    4. Dont be so haste in measuring and keep a good habit of remeasuring in order not to miss some details, such as lifting base, the thickness of suit door, the direction of opening and the correctness of bordure

    5. As a mail boy, he had picked up the habit of addressing people by their christian names, whoever they were