n. 名詞 1. 成為習慣。
2. (對麻醉品等的)適應;毒癮。


    1. This seems to suggest that human beings have this habituation of associating ideology with a human form

    2. " the foot thump shows potential as a deterrent of eastern grey kangaroos. and is less likely to suffer from habituation because it is a natural sound, " bender said

    3. Among them the first election is agerious ' " habitual defence " - - - those make us and others avoid being threated to interact with gob - struck habituation, but it will hinder our study

      其中首推阿吉瑞斯所稱的「習慣性防衛」 ? ?那些使我們及他人免受威脅與窘困的習慣性互動方式,它將阻礙我們的學習。
    4. Along with habituation, which is closely related, spatial memory is another reason why consistency across and within applications is good. people may expect to find similar functionality in similar places

    5. The temporal relation between the presentations of the pictures and the distractors were manipulated with three soas in different blocks ( experiment 1 ), and within the same block ( experiment 2 ) to avoid control strategies or habituation developed through the experimental conditions