• hack: vt 1 亂劈,亂砍。2 平(地),翻(地),耙(地),碎土播(種) (in)。3 整修(籬笆、墻面等)。4 ...
  • file: n 1 紙夾,文件夾。2 釘成冊的文件,檔案,卷宗,案卷,合訂本。3 【計算機】外存貯器,存貯帶。4 行列...


  1. Andrew read the rest of the file-including the intern's note about penicillin allergy.

  2. Asm is created for each source code file in the compilation

  3. You can test this code for yourself by putting the code in listing 2 in a file called barebones. pm in any directory, and running the following from that directory meaning, " include the current directory in the library path, use the barebones module, and create a new barebones object "

    可以通過將清單2中的代碼放入任何目錄內名為barebones . pm的文件中,然後在該目錄中運行以下命令來測試該代碼(這表示: 「在庫路徑中包括當前目錄,使用barebones模塊,然後創建一個新的barebones對象」 ) :
  4. That assembles the base map module and the domain entities file and definition module

  5. Clearly, the right thing to do was ( 1 ) hack smtp forwarding support into the generic driver, ( 2 ) make it the default mode, and ( 3 ) eventually throw out all the other delivery modes, especially the deliver - to - file and deliver - to - standard - output options

    顯然,正確的路子是( 1 )把smtp轉發支持加入到通用驅動里去, ( 2 )把它設置為默認模式, ( 3 )最終把其它的傳遞模式都去掉,尤其是傳遞到文件和標準輸出的模式。