hackney carriage中文意思是什麼

hackney carriage解釋
[coach] 出租馬車。

  • hackney: n 1 普通乘用的馬或挽馬;出租馬。2 出租馬車;出租汽車。3 作苦工的人。adj 1 出租的,被僱用的。2 陳...
  • carriage: n 1 車;(四輪)馬車;〈英國〉(鐵路)客車車廂(=〈美國〉car);【航空】牽引車;(汽車的)座位。...

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  1. Their carriage to me appeared quite altered.

  2. About two o clock the following day a calash, drawn by a pair of magnificent english horses, stopped at the door of monte cristo and a person, dressed in a blue coat, with buttons of a similar color, a white waistcoat, over which was displayed a massive gold chain, brown trousers, and a quantity of black hair descending so low over his eyebrows as to leave it doubtful whether it were not artificial so little did its jetty glossiness assimilate with the deep wrinkles stamped on his features - a person, in a word, who, although evidently past fifty, desired to be taken for not more than forty, bent forwards from the carriage door, on the panels of which were emblazoned the armorial bearings of a baron, and directed his groom to inquire at the porter s lodge whether the count of monte cristo resided there, and if he were within

  3. Mike : you haven ' t bought a baby carriage yet ? maybe i can help

  4. He took the back seat of the carriage, after a feeble bow or two, and speech of thanks, polite to the last, and resolute in doing his duty.

  5. Ddu unfinished duty delivers the goods (. . appoint destination port ) it is to point to a bargainor to give goods in appointed destination buyer deals with, do not deal with entrance formalities, also not the debus of goods of carriage tool admiral from delivery, finish delivery namely

    Ddu未完稅交貨( … …指定目的港)是指賣方在指定的目的地將貨物交給買方處置,不辦理進口手續,也不從交貨的運輸工具上將貨物卸下,即完成交貨。