音標 ['hɛəpin]
n. 名詞 發夾;夾叉,簪;發夾狀的東西;道路的急轉彎;〈美俚〉女人,女學生。
2. adj. 形容詞 U 字形的 (a hairpin bend 陡路上的;U字形轉彎的路)。


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    2. Store value card is hairpin bank basis the person that hold card asks its capital turns to store inside card, when trading borrow from the imprest purse type that the money deducts inside card directly write down card

    3. At midland, tiago monteiro committed the cardinal sin of taking off his team mate, christijan albers, in the hairpin on the opening lap

    4. A new method for intrinsic terminator prediction based on rnall, an rna local secondary structure prediction algorithm developed recently, and two u - tail score schemas are developed. by optimizing three parameters thermodynamic energy of rna hairpin structure, u - tail t weight, and u - tail hybridization energy, the method can recognize 92. 25 of known terminators while rejecting 98. 48 of predicted rna local secondary structures in coding regions negative control as false intrinsic terminators in e. coli. this method was applied to scan the genome of synechococcus sp

      在過去二十年中,不少研究者已開始研究如何用計算方法來預測轉錄終止信號,如brendel和trifonov的雙核苷酸分佈矩陣法dinucleotide distribution matrix carafa等的統計方法transterm和rnamotif法等,這些方法都從不同方面考慮了rna二級結構和u -尾部的特徵,而gester的預測模型則設定rna二級發夾結構是不依賴終止子的唯一因素。
    5. 1975, which we restored with digital technology. lesser known internationally but dearly loved locally are cantonese opera films like the 1959 films the purple hairpin