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  2. The introduction has several contents as follows : outlines the geological and chronological range ; reviews brief research history of bronze arrows ; makes the intention clear and what means would be taken, defines standard that would be used in typological classification ; makes textual research on subjects and collects all previous appellations for arrows, then raises appellation standard this paper would take. chapter one : researches on bonze arrows in xia - shang dynasty. in this part, on the basis of unearthed bronze arrows in xia - shang dynasty, the author firstly makes typological analysis on bronze arrows patterns, divides them into two sorts, each had analysis on types separately

  3. Winter is the best season to eat carp, in the cold wind howling, and air - conditioning attacks in winter, seed fertilizer carp meat, taste particularly tasty, minyan also have " winter carp xia lei, " said

  4. Based on such principles, the author exemplifies fu xia urban agglomeration to analyze the developing situation, forming mechanism, spatial demarcation and seedtime, probes into its tendency of the development and evolution in the future

  5. Tracing the votive inscriptions bear on buddhist shrines at the thousand - buddha grottoes of qi xia monastery