hand block sander中文意思是什麼

hand block sander解釋

  • hand: n 漢德〈姓氏〉。n 1 手;(猴子等的)腳;(一般四足獸的)前腳。2 (鐘表的)指針,(工具等的)把,...
  • block: n 1 片,塊,大塊;粗料,毛料;木料;石料;金屬塊;【建築】塊料,砌塊;【地質學;地理學】地塊。2 ...
  • sander: 噴砂器

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  1. Yuan shikai forced the emperor to abdicate and hand over power to him.

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  3. After pretreated with nifedipine to block the influx of extracellular calcium, the vessels did not contract when they were stimulated by 60 mmol / l kc1 solution ; on the other hand, after pretreated with thapsigargin to deplete the intracellular calcium stores, the vessel remained the ability to contract when stimulated by 60 mmol / l kcl solution

    使用ifedipine預處理血管,阻斷細胞外鈣離子內流,將血管置於含60mmol lkci的高鉀環境中,血管不發生收縮。使用細胞內鈣耗竭劑thapisin呷in預處理血管,耗竭細胞肌漿網內儲存的鈣離子。
  4. Since he didn ' t switch off the machine before taking this action, the glass safety protection cover wasn ' t open as normal so as he reached he failed to watch out the air cylinder ' s running status while doing this operation, and just at this moment, a block upper the screw turned 45 angles down and cut his little finger ' s fingertip of right hand, the muscle of his little finger ' s fingertip was cut off

  5. The shop will be on the right - hand side in the middle of the second block