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  • hand: n 漢德〈姓氏〉。n 1 手;(猴子等的)腳;(一般四足獸的)前腳。2 (鐘表的)指針,(工具等的)把,...
  • mapping: n. 【數學】映像,映射。
  • camera: n. 1. (pl. cameras) 【攝影】照相機;電影攝影機;電視攝像機;暗箱;暗房。2. (pl. camerae ) 【法律】法官室。3. 羅馬教廷的財政部。

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  1. So the true variety of martian mineralogy started to become apparent only in 2001, when themis, an infrared camera that my group developed for another nasa orbiter, mars odyssey, began mapping the planet with 100 - meter resolution

    因此直到2001年themis (我的研究團隊為nasa的另一艘軌道船火星奧德賽號所發展的紅外線攝影機)開始以100公尺的解析度描繪火星,實際的火星礦物種類才變得明確。
  2. Development and research of the hand - hold gps woodland mapping automatic space positioning maps system software

  3. The human hand motion is mapped to the dexterous robot hand based on the ameliorated fingertip position mapping method. the mapping algorithm is testified through the graphic simulation. the simulation results show that the mapping method is direct and natural which can satisfy the requirements of robot hand teleoperation

  4. Jupiter wong s photos not only record a film and its shooting location, but also embed jupiter s mood at that time and space. once he got a camera in hand, jupiter would think of himself as a film director and his pictures are actually his own directorial creation

  5. Based on nonsmooth analysis theory, the viability criterion is verified under the condition that the set - valued mapping in the right hand side is a polytope and the boundary function of the region is subdifferentiable and its subdifferential is a convex hull of finitely many points