happy beginning中文意思是什麼

happy beginning解釋

  • happy: adj 1 幸福的,幸運的。2 快樂的,愉快的。3 感到滿足的。4 巧妙的,恰當的;可喜的。5 〈口語〉有點醉...
  • beginning: n. 1. 初,當初;開始,端緒,發端;出發點。2. 本原,起源。3. 〈常 pl. 〉早期階段。4. 起頭部分。

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  1. When knowledge encounters wealth ' s ablution, when life encounters option ' s moment, when architecture receives regression hour of chinese study, whether we ought to bring to rest busy footstep, and left over a piece of choosy marking for future happy life

  2. " this year s event theme is courtship, marriage, and the ( happy ) ending. in the beginning, when investor and entrepreneur have to find each other

  3. Arrive lunar calendar for the beginning of july each time afterwards seven, it is rumored the gigolo knit the day that the female magpies bridge meets, the misses will arrive at under the moonlight and before flowers, the rise looks up at star sky, look for the gigolo of intergalactic both sides a star and knit an actress, hope to see them to meet once a year, begging humbly the god can let oneself ability the elephant knit female so mind hand 巧, pray oneself ability the like idea feel happy of happy marriage, become the seventh night of the seventh moon stanza from here

  4. A happy marriage is a new beginning of life , a new starting point for happiness and usefulness

  5. Why is fate always running on the same track, fatally beginning with happy gathering and ending with sad parting