adj. 形容詞 聽天由命的,無憂無慮的。

  • happy: adj 1 幸福的,幸運的。2 快樂的,愉快的。3 感到滿足的。4 巧妙的,恰當的;可喜的。5 〈口語〉有點醉...
  • go: GO = General Orders 【軍事】一般命令;衛兵守則。vi (went; gone; 第二人稱單數現在式〈古語〉 goes...
  • lucky: adj (luckier; iest)1 運氣好的,僥幸的。2 兆頭好的,吉祥的。3 〈俚語〉難得的,碰巧的;順便的。4 ...


  1. Soccer - premier league happy to go to arbitration over tevez

  2. Even if she ' s bankrupt today she ' ll still have a smile on her face because she ' s such a happy - go - lucky girl

  3. Beals : i don ' t know ! i never get the happy - go - lucky story. but it would be nice to have some really joyous moments

  4. Happy go lucky " is co - starred by gillian chung, kent cheng and lai yiu cheung as visually impaired, mentally handicapped and cerebral palsy persons respectively. some shootings were taken in the society. the story of this movie describes how people with disabilities overcome difficulties and lead a meaningful life

  5. His only friend, liu chengguang is a jovial and happy - go - lucky person

    家輝唯一的朋友是活潑開朗的劉承光(李創銳飾) 。