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  • harbor: n 1 海港,港口;港灣。2 〈比喻〉避難所,藏身處。3 【軍事】坦克掩蔽場。vt 1 隱匿,窩藏(罪犯等)。...
  • engineering: n. 1. 工程(技術),工程學。2. 開車技術。3. 土木工程,工事。4. 操縱,管理。
  • survey: vt 1 眺望,俯瞰,環顧。2 審視;通盤考慮[考察],觀察(形勢);概括,綜合評述。3 測量(土地),勘查...

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  1. Code of metro and light rail engineering survey

  2. It is of realistic importance to increase the scientific and accurate decision - making through applying the fuzzy optimization technique for the investment decision - making of harbor engineering

  3. In harbor engineering, reliability has been introduced to the design of foundations based on the limit equilibrium methods. in this paper perturbation stochastic finite element program was compiled to calculate and analysis the reliability of the foundation on muti - layered subsoils

  4. So, optimization of breakwater planning is of great practical value and should be resolved immediately. at first, the paper narrates the development of numerical modeling, which includes shallow water dynamics theory and method, and compares the boussinesq model and mild - slope equation model. the purpose is to select one model that best fit for wave calculation in harbor engineering

  5. Standard for foundational terminology of engineering survey